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The perfect place to relax

Our saunas are the perfect place to relax. One of our saunas will ensure great evenings. Come speak with one of our helpful staff members at Spartan Sauna Heaters Inc in Eveleth, MN. They will provide information on our products.

You know you want one

Why deny yourself the luxury of a sauna when you can get one for such a low price? At Spartan Sauna Heaters Inc, we make sure to offer only the most reasonable pricing on our top-of-the-line equipment. Find the perfect sauna for you today.

Products we offer:

  • Electric & Wood Sauna Heaters
  • Ornamental Railings
  • Sauna Accessories and Doors
  • Pre-cut Sauna Kits
  • Modular Sauna and Barrel Sauna Kits
  • Custom Welding and Repair

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